Registration Evening 2015-16

We’re back! The new Scouting year is about to begin and registration night will be at 7pm Tuesday next, September 8 at the Den upstairs in the Community Centre in Claregalway.

In order to make things go as smoothly as possible, we are asking everyone to complete the 3 forms below and have the correct registration fees (see registration form) with them on the night.

So, please complete these forms for each child that you wish to register with a section:

Thanks and see you all again soon!

Claregalway Scouters


Beaver Camp Gallery

Hi all,

Beaver Scout year is now officially over after our successful Beaver Camp. We hope all those who attended enjoyed it as much as we did. Thanks to all the parents who supported us over the year. Special thanks to all the Leaders who have given so much time and effort over the past year.

Extra special thanks to Mick Laffey who has done a fantastic job as Beaver section leader for the past few years! Mick is moving on to bigger & better things as overall Group Leader for Claregalway Scouts. He will be sorely missed in the Beaver section!

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Beaver Camp 2015

Beaver Camp 2015

Beaver Camp 2015

Beaver Camp 2015

Beaver Camp 2015

Beaver Camp 2015

Click here for the full gallery

See you all in Sept!


Beaver Scouters

Beaver Camp

It’s almost time for our Beaver camp in Doolin! We’ve attached the camping checklist which details the gear that each Beaver will need for the Camp.

Please pay close attention to the items listed in the checklist below, especially suncream (very important on boat trip) and any medication (which will require completed medication form).

Beavers should have all this gear packed in/attached to one rucksack which we will collect from you on Friday evening at the Den. We’ll text time later in the week but we’re guessing around 7pm.

Beaver packing checklist
Beaver packing checklist (click to enlarge)

The Day Bag can be brought with them on Saturday morning and should contain a small lunch which they will have while the camp is being setup.

If you have any questions about this gear list or anything else please e-mail back or ring us @ 086 0545329

Beaver County Water Day

Date: Sunday 14 June. (Session starts @ 9:15am). PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE TO EARLIER SLOT. 

Location: Rusheen Bay 

Cost: €15 

Gear List 

Mandatory kit includes: 

  • Towel 
  • Full change of clothes, including underwear and shoes 
  • Rainwear 
  • Scout Neckerchief 
  • Packed lunch 
  • Wetsuit (optional) 

Drop-off/ Collection 

We will leave from Claregalway Community Centre at 8:45am sharp. 

We plan to be back at the Community Centre around 12:30pm. We’ll text if there is any change to that time. 

If you have any questions please contact us at 086 0545329. 


12th Galway (Claregalway) Beaver Scouters  

Beaver hike at Knockma

For this Sundays Hike we are going to Knockma Hill outside Belclare near Tuam.We will meet at the carpark beneath Knockma at 9:30am and Beavers will be collected at the carpark at 11:30am.

Directions to Knockma from Claregalway:

Please ensure they have Beaver uniform, appropriate clothing for the weather, strong boots plus snack and drink in a small rucksack.


Beaver Scouters

Beaver Scouts Beachcombing at Killeenaran Pier

Date & Times: Sunday April 19th 11:15am – 1:30pm
Location: Killeenaran Pier, Ballinderreen, Co Galway
Cost: FREE

We are going to meet in Ballinderreen at 11am. From there we will travel to Killeenaran Pier where a representative from Kelly Oysters will bring us on a beachcombing hunt. We plan to finish at 1:30pm and Beavers will need to be collected at the pier.

Directions to Ballinderreen (25 mins from Claregalway):

Directions to Killeenaran Pier:

What to bring

  • Beaver Uniform with neckerchief and woggle
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Waterproof shoes/boots or wellies
  • Small rucksack containing packed lunch and drink
  • Newspaper in a plastic bag (to use as a seat)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us on 086 0545329.

12th Galway (Claregalway) Beaver Scouters

Beaver Scouts Sleepover in Claregalway Community Centre

Times & Date: 18:30 Saturday 28th -> 09:00 Sunday 29th March
Location: Claregalway Community Centre
Cost: €5

We are planning to run a Beaver Scout Camp this June. As preparations for this event we are having a sleepover in Claregalway Community Centre next weekend (28th/29th Mar). This will allow the Beavers to experience the fun of overnight camping in a safe, secure and dry environment close to home. All tents will be put up inside the community centre. This event is being run with the Cub Scouts so we will have 15+ Leaders in attendance.

Our schedule for the weekend is as follows:


  • 18.30 Beavers arrive at Community Centre
  • 19:00 Setup tents
  • 20.00 Bases (Orienteering and Obstacle Course)
  • 21:00 Night Hike or Movie (weather dependent)
  • 22:00 Hot Chocolate & Cookie
  • 22:30 Teeth and prepare for bed
  • 23:00 Lights out


  • 07:30 Breakfast (Beaver to bring own cereal in a plastic container with lid, milk will be provided)
  • 08:00 Tents down/tidy up
  • 09:00 Beavers collected at Community Centre

What to bring

As this is a preparation for Beaver Scout Camp in June we ask that all Beavers bring the following gear with them in a rucksack even though all may not be required. We will be doing a gear check so that they understand the importance of a properly packed rucksack.

  • Uniform – To be worn going on camp i.e. Beaver sweatshirt, neckerchief and woggle and navy scout pants or plain navy tracksuit bottoms.
  • 12th Claregalway Neckerchief must be worn at all times
  • Camp Clothes (the kind that if damaged would not be missed but are comfortable to wear).
    It is recommended for Beavers to wear a number of light layers that can be can be removed depending on the weather conditions NO JEANS.
  • Rain Gear (top and bottoms)
  • Warm clothes for night-time including warm hoodie/sweater, gloves and hat
  • Spare Clothes (Tracksuits, Underwear, t-shirts etc.)
  • Strong shoes/boots
  • Sleeping Bag and ground sheet/foam mat for underneath. NO PILLOWS
  • Pyjamas
  • Towel, Day Bag, Toiletries and any required medication
  • Drinking water bottle with your Beavers name clearly labelled (500ml)
  • Torch (+ spare batteries)
  • Newspaper in a plastic bag (to use as a seat)
  • Plastic Bags (for keeping wet clothes/laundry separate from clean clothes)
  • Plastic cup, container (with dry cereal) and cutlery (all labelled)

All personal equipment should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. Your child will have to be able to carry his/her gear without assistance from the Leaders so please bear this in mind when packing and everything should be packed in the one bag, ideally a rugsack. No loose items please.

Please do not let your child bring:

  • Any valuables including mobile phone, camera, electronic equipment or money
  • Snack food or sweets (all treats will be provided)
  • Pocketknife

Please ensure that someone is available to collect your Beaver in the unlikely event that this may be necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 086 0545329. We will send updates via text alerts if necessary.

12th Galway (Claregalway) Beaver Scouters