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Lisheenkyle Woods

We have a visit to Lisheenkyle Woods planned for tomorrow evening (Tue Apr 5) for Beavers.

We’ll have a nature walk through the woods and we also plan to have a short Investiture ceremony.

The Investiture is a special ceremony where Beavers who joined this year formally make their Beaver Scout Promise and become a member of the Beaver Colony.

Dropoff/pickup will be at Lisheenkyle national school at 6.30/7.30pm.

Beaver County Event Update

The Beaver skills & games county event is coming up this Sunday, April 3. Please note that there is an earlier start time now of 12.30pm in Esker.

Here are the full details needed for the day.

  • Registration: 12.30pm at the Youth Village located in the grounds of Esker Monastery (see map to Esker below). Parking is available at the Youth Village (see below).
  • Start time: 1pm
  • Finish time: 5pm
  • Collection: 5.10pm
  • Cost: €5

What to Wear

  • Beaver uniform and neckerchief
  • Strong, waterproof footwear

What to Bring

  • Rucksack
  • Packed lunch
  • Drinks
  • Raingear

Parking is available at the entrance to the Youth Village where registration will take place. There will be stewards to assist on the day. Please drive slowly on approach.

Parents to Assist
As we are involved in several activities on the day as well as escorting our own Beavers around, all of the Beaver Scouters available will be there. In addition, if any parents are available to attend the event and assist, we would really appreciate it. Please text 086 0545329 to let us know if you can help.

We will have a lunch base on the day where Beavers will receive breaded chicken strips, with cheese or salad in a wrap, a small bottle of water and a piece of fruit. However, it’s a long day so we advise Beavers to bring a packed lunch and drink also.


Beaver County Day

We have an upcoming Beaver Scout Skills and Games County Event which we would love all of our Beavers to attend.Picture1

Location: Esker Monastery, Athenry, Co. Galway
Date:   Sunday, 3rd April 2016
Time:   2.00-5.00 pm * Registration at 1.30pm at the Youth Village
Cost:   €5.00 per Beaver

Skills and Activities

  1. Arts & Crafts an activity to commemorate 40 years of Beaver Scouts!
  2. Backwoods
  3. Firelighting
  4. Games – Giant Jenga and Puzzles
  5. Lunch base
  6. Orienteering and Treasure Hunt
  7. String Trail – optional blindfolded

This is a county event and is already heavily over-subscribed. As co-organisers, Claregalway have reserved a number of places but we need to confirm these asap. Please respond by text to 086 0545329 with Beaver name and yes/no.

Beaver Scouters

Diamond Hill Hike

Beavers and Cubs are planning a Hike on Diamond Hill in Connemara this Sunday (March 6th). We have arranged a bus to transport everyone to/from Letterfrack. Details are:

Depart: 10am from Claregalway Community Centre
Return: 5pm to Community Centre
Cost: €12

All Cubs & Beavers should wear their uniform, warm clothing & strong hiking footwear.

Cusb & Beavers should bring a backpack with waterproof jacket & trousers along with a drink & lunch and something to sit on such as a newspaper in a plastic bag.

Please reply to the text from Cubs/Beavers asap to confirm whether your child will be attending.

Coole Park Hike

Beavers & Cubs will both be hiking in Coole Park on Sunday morning.

Details are:
Dropoff: 10am at the carpark
Collection: 12 noon also at the carpark

All Cubs & Beavers should wear their uniform with waterproof hiking footwear. They should also bring raingear with a backpack, drink and snack.

See map below for directions.

YiS, Beaver & Cub Scouters.

Beavers at Rinville Park – Update

Date: Sun Feb 7
Drop off: 1pm at car park
Collection: 2.30pm at the playground

We’re planning an outing to Rinville on Sunday next for a walk and scavenger hunt in the park. Please text Beaver name & yes/no to 086 0545329 if you haven’t already.

We’re asking each Beaver to:

  • wear warm clothes with waterproof jacket, trousers & footwear
  • bring a drink & snack
  • something to sit on (newspaper in a plastic bag).
  • a plastic bag to collect items and a pencil to mark these on a sheet

Please note that we have received requests from parents that dogs are not brought along to our outings. There are some children with fears & allergies that we need to take account of.

Directions to Rinville below.

Beaver Scouters

Beavers Santa Visit

Hi all,

Beavers will be visiting Santa this coming Friday at Athenry Heritage Centre.
Details are as follows:
Date: Fri Dec 11
Time: 6.30 pm
Location: Athenry Heritage Centre (see map below)
Duration: 2 hrs
Cost: €15 per Beaver

Details of what Beavers can/will do there are available on the website for Athenry Heritage Centre.

We are asking parents to drop Beavers to the centre and collect from there afterwards at 8.30pm.

If you have not already responded by text, please do so asap as we need final numbers.

Here’s a map for directions to the centre.

Beaver Scouters

Christmas Carol Singing – CANCELLED


UPDATE: We’ve had to unfortunately cancel this event. The weather is against us again and we are also low on numbers.

Hi all,

Beavers and Cubs will take part in a Carol-Singing afternoon at Hughes SuperValu in Claregalway on Sat Dec 12.

We will be organising into 2 mixed groups of Beavers & Cubs.

Group 1
Arrive at Hughes: 11.45
Singing from 12-12.30
Collection time: 12.30

Group 2
Arrive at Hughes 12.30
Singing from 12.45-13.15
Collection time 13.15.

Beavers are asked to wear their uniform and a Santa hat and to bring their music shakers that we made recently.

Please confirm by text in advance if you plan to take part so that we can organise everyone into groups.

Beaver & Cub Scouters