Beaver Camp Preparation – UPDATE

Hi All,

It’s almost time for our annual camp. In addition to the packing checklist below, here are some further updates. Please read and get in touch (text to 086 054 5329) if you have any questions.

Departure/Arrival Times

We will depart at 4.30pm sharp on Friday from the Community Centre. We are driving individually (to keep costs down) & there will be quite a bit of packing of rucksacks etc into cars so please try to arrive around 4.

We expect to be back at the Community Centre at 1pm on Sunday. If it is going to be later we will send out a text that morning.

Packing & Weather

Here is the checklist again of items that Beavers will need. Please note that clothing items on the list below include those that the Beaver will wear when leaving for camp (uniform, tracksuit & footwear).

At our bag check on Tue evening, there were quite a few Beavers without rain gear. It’s really important that all Beavers have rainproof jacket, trousers and footwear – especially given the forecast for this weekend.


It’s also important that the contents of the rucksack are kept inside a plastic bag to avoid getting wet. You may decide to use multiple bags to separately pack night gear for example.

Sleeping bag and mat are often strapped onto the outside of the rucksack so please ensure that these are separately covered with a plastic bag each to keep them dry.


All food for Sat & Sun is included in the price. We’re asking that Beavers bring a packed lunch/evening tea for Fri when we arrive at camp.

Payment Balance

The balance of the camp costs (€20 for those that paid the €15 deposit) is due on Friday. We have to pay for everyone when we arrive at camp (as well as buying food etc in advance) so please do make sure to bring any balance due with you on Friday.

YiS, Beaver Scouters


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