Beavers at Rinville Park – Update

Date: Sun Feb 7
Drop off: 1pm at car park
Collection: 2.30pm at the playground

We’re planning an outing to Rinville on Sunday next for a walk and scavenger hunt in the park. Please text Beaver name & yes/no to 086 0545329 if you haven’t already.

We’re asking each Beaver to:

  • wear warm clothes with waterproof jacket, trousers & footwear
  • bring a drink & snack
  • something to sit on (newspaper in a plastic bag).
  • a plastic bag to collect items and a pencil to mark these on a sheet

Please note that we have received requests from parents that dogs are not brought along to our outings. There are some children with fears & allergies that we need to take account of.

Directions to Rinville below.

Beaver Scouters


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